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KO Websites Rated Highly for Marketing Services by Online Review Site Clutch

We have received a top rating from the online marketing services review site Clutch in five categories that support the business success of our clients. Clutch is an independent review site that does not accept payment for their analysis, so we are very excited to have been selected as a top agency by them, for the following marketing services:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses all the digital channels through which a business reaches consumers in 2018. Here is the shortest definition we have found, from Dave Chaffey’s book Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice:

“Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.” Continue reading

SSL Enhance SEO?

How SSL Increases Google Website Traffic

Pigeon. Panda. Hummingbird. If these names sound familiar, it’s because they are all a part of Google’s rapid changes to their search engine ranking formula for listing websites. With the near constant Google Algorithm changes it can be a challenge to stay competitive in SEO.

But wait, there’s much more… Continue reading

Internet Marketing Merges with TV

YouTube on Direct TV?

I just stumbled on this today. I found my Youtube marketing videos on TV via my Direct TV box. I’m probably the last one to know about this, but just in case someone ells out there didn’t know, I thought I would share.

Why is this worth mentioning here? I had to search on Direct TV to find our videos. Mine came right up. Will yours? Yet another reason to pay attention to your SEO on social websitesSee our Web Design and SEO Channel.

Here are the instruction on how to check your videos on TV search.

Can I watch YouTube videos on my TV?
Yes. If you have an HD DVR receiver or a model R22 DVR receiver and it’s connected to your home broadband Internet network, you can access and watch YouTube videos right on your TV. Here’s how it works:


  1. Press MENU on your remote and select SEARCH & BROWSE
  2. Select SMART SEARCH
  3. YouTube videos matching your search words will appear as the last items in your search results. They will be marked “YouTube” in the right column
  4. To view, highlight the YouTube video using your arrow buttons and press SELECT and then select Play.


TCL and Tencent Released Today World’s First Smart Cloud Product!

Exciting News In China This Morning- The Worlds First Large Screen Mobile Smart Cloud Product is Introduced!!!

Chinese Web Giants Tencent and TCL Multimedia (China’s leading integrated Internet service provider) released today the worlds first Large Screen Mobile Smart Cloud Product. The two companies aim to support the rapid growth and integration of existing smart cloud products and will “represent a revolution in smart cloud life.” (Alexis Santos,
Continue reading

Tech Talk: Make a GREEN CD-DVD case

Save on plastic and reuse a tree!

Someone e-mailed me this, this week, so I don’t claim to be the inventor nor know who to give the credit too, but I thought this was very useful. Many times, I’ve been handed a CD or DVD from a client, with no case, cover or sleeve and found myself looking around for a blank one. Once retrieving the data from the CD/DVD, it sits in a pile I call the ‘send back to client file’ or it gets thrown in their file folder, only to later fall out onto the floor.

What if there was a simple “green” way to save on the plastic used and a better way to store them in a folder? Well here it is. Take some scrap printer paper and make one of these. You can even write on it, which I really like.

Do you have a cool free tech tool idea? Leave a comment here about it.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Review

So the days of Windows 7 appear to be coming to an end as Microsoft is beginning to release consumer previews of Windows 8. I have downloaded build 8250 and been using it for about 2 weeks now. So far I like it for the most part as it is still Windows 7 at the heart but there are a few items that I’d like to see changed. There is no longer a Start Menu button on the task bar; instead you get to it by bumping your mouse along the right side of the screen in either the top or bottom corners. When doing this it gives you the option of selecting: Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. Of course you can still get to the Start Menu by using the Windows key on the keyboard or ctrl+esc keyboard shortcut but the quick click of the icon is gone. Continue reading