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Merchant Account & Gateways for Online Credit Card Transactions

QuickBook integrated online credit card shopping cart transactions: In late 2008, KO Websites started offering QuickBook integration. Wouldn’t it be great if your online shopping cart and merchant account could ‘talk’ to your QuickBook account on your PC? Today, this can be done. Contact KO for more information: 510-276-9902 or fill out the form on the right to get started now.

Merchant Accounts & Gateways

We work with Merchant Support Network, Inc (MSNI), which is an established provider of merchant accounts. MSNI was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and has gained notable credibility through honest pricing, superior products, and quality customer service.

MSNI provides clients with a centered service, diverse products, and competitive pricing to satisfied merchants and long-term business alliances.

With MSNI merchant product lines, KO has an integrated shopping cart solution that is affordable and reliable.

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