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Social media marketing is hundreds of times less expensive than the traditional marketing mediums of print, radio, and TV. With social media marketing, you get real-time, immediate access to potentially millions of people.

Why source your social media marketing to a digital marketing agency like KO websites? Simple, it’s much more time and cost effective! What would it cost to hire someone in-house to do it? Would they stay current? Social media changes daily. Would they have a pool of social media team members to work with, share ideas, and help when needed? Probably not. That’s why even enterprise size companies are starting to use agencies like ours.

What our social media marketing specialists do for you:

  • Set up all social media accounts with consistent imaging and branding
  • Strengthen YOUR company brand awareness
  • Promote your products and services
  • Manage the day-to-day execution of social media content, messaging, and communication
  • Increase social media community engagement by producing creative, compelling content that is relevant to your industry and current events
  • Monitor online conversations
  • Develop and nurture online alliances and friendships
  • Monitor and manage brand reputation
  • Design, implement, and manage social media campaigns with a focus on engagement and follower acquisition
  • Actively communicate and coordinate with your company representative to provide timely social content and blogs
  • Collaborate with our SEO specialists to use key terms and phrases related to your business
  • Manage social media paid advertising campaigns
  • Monitor social media trends, maintain expert level competency in social media platforms, and look for new opportunities that may be beneficial to your company

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Social Media Marketing SF Bay AreaSocial Media provides low-cost advertising opportunities to sell your products and gives your brand personality. Potential customers you might have never reached are now accessible. Consumers and clients will read your social content and blogs, giving them a direct link to your brand and website. Rather than seeing a TV commercial or reading an advertisement, social media allows your customers to engage directly with your brand – it gives them a personalized experience.

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