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GEO Marketing or Local Search

Whatever you call it, it’s super important today!

Local search results and listing sites are critical for both small and large business alike. This is your chance to level the playing field and compete with the big companies if your ‘Digital Presence Management’ is accurate.

Similar to the old white pages, you may get listed with no action on your part. However, there is no guarantee this will happen and equally important, there’s no guarantee your listing will be accurate across the board. Many times it’s not. Who cares if Merchant Circle doesn’t have your suite number? Amazingly, Google does! If Google sees conflicting name, address, and phone number (NAP) information among list sites and other search engines, they may think you are trying to game the system (cheat), or just not sure where you are. When this happens, you won’t see a Google map/place listing at all.

=Think about the negative impact that will have on your storefront business!=

Local Mobile serachLocal Search & Mobile
More people are searching on mobile devices now and they are more likely to NOT type in their location because they know their phone knows where they are. So they just type in “Pizza” or “oil change” as opposed to a desktop search that’s more likely to be “San Francisco pizza,” or “San Jose oil change.” You can see why it’s important to have local listing and search presence and why they need to be accurate.

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