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Why Video for Websites & YouTube?

Two Reasons to Use Video on Your Website

  1. YouTube is the second most searched website on earth and the third most visited website. So, having a presence on YouTube is a necessity when trying to market online.
  2. Embedded website video has proven to be extremely effective in converting sales online. Video instills trust and can be used to explain products, services, and concepts much quicker than regular text. Yes, some people would rather read, but video is quickly becoming the preferred alternative.

Video productions for websites

Video for the Web – Due to client demand, KO Websites now offers simple video production and editing services, including: simple video montages, instructional videos, explainer videos, video testimonials, company profile videos, interviews, and video tours. The possibilities are endless!

Explainer Videos, Whiteboards and Animation Videos

Traditional Video Packages for Web Marketing

$ Video Photo Montages

Using still photos (stock or yours), text and audio, we put together a story that creates a marketing or brand message.

$$ Re-Edits & Video Mixes

Creating a finalized professionally edited video from pre-existing footage and images (images can be stock or yours) and adding text, titles, graphics, and music to tie it all together for one single marketing piece.

$$$ Full Service Online Video Production

Shooting on location, addition of music, stills (if needed), text, titles, graphics, effects, and professional editing with a spotlight on the message your company wants to deliver.

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‘How To’ guide for mapping out your own online YouTube videos