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Content writing for the web
Website content writing

For people to take your website seriously, your content must be well written. The best way to engage readers is with clear and persuasive text that inspires them to act. This is called a “call to action.” If you need creative content to help promote your product, KO Website’s content writers and translators can polish your copy so that it sparkles. KO can also build a narrative around your company’s unique characteristics and style to help you stand out from your competition.

Website Translation Services

Need copy translated to Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or Russian? Our professionally certified translators are on call to quickly and accurately translate your website text content. If you think relying on Yahoo or Google’s translator is good enough, you may want to think again. Don’t risk offending a foreign visitor and your potential next big account. Take a little bit more time and make sure everything is just right and conveys the right message.

See the same website translated into 3 other non-English languages:  Chinese | Korean | Spanish. The non-English websites that we build are also search engine optimized! And yes, we can run search ranking reports for foreign search engines too! Need to sell world wide?

Social Media content writing

We have in-house Twitter, Facebook and other social website content writers, as well as blog writing services. Our writers compose over 50 blogs per month. Individual clients receive two 300 word blogs each month with integrated SEO.

Our content writers also write for Forbes magazine and are graduates of Harvard and Cal Berkeley. All content writers reside in the USA! 

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