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KO Websites is well known for our excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing work. In fact, we have such a great reputation for our SEO, we do SEO work for other web design firms, marketing firms, and PR companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the USA.  We’re happy to see that people are starting to understand the value of SEO. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website is, if no one can find it, it doesn’t exist. Please watch this short (albeit, old- 2008) video of our clients talking about their SEO results from KO and how it changed their business.

Why focus on the Google Search Engine,
when doing SEO?
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We believe SEO is so important that we built a specific website dedicated to it! We invite you to visit it for yourself here: Best Bay Area SEO

For maximum SEO results, we recommend integrating social media marketing to enhance your SEO efforts. For more about this program, read about our All n1 Power Plans.”

More about SEO- For an informative article about the importance of SEO, we encourage you to read this ‘Top 10 Things You Need To Know About SEO‘ article. We also recommend you review the research behind solid SEO before you choose a Digital marketing firm for your business.

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