A New Type of Marketing Agency – Part I

What does a San Francisco Marketing Agency look like today?

Marketing Agency San FranciscoBackground: Watch out what you blog about. Someone might actually read it!

I just got off the phone with someone who found us via our SEO website, www.seopro.PRO. She was a marketing coordinator for a upscale vocational school in San Francisco. I could tell she had spoken with several SEM (search engine marketing) agencies and heard and read just enough to start feeling like she understood the concepts and terms used in the Internet marketing industry. Aka Inbound marketing.

She was stuck on two issues. She thought that SEM referred to PPC (paid per click) advertising only and she knew that it’s wrong to higher one company to handle all her online marketing needs. Both of these perceptions are wrong of course and I’ll explain why in a moment; but where did she get this information? This lady was smart, I could tell, so I probed her for where she was getting this information. There are some PPC companies (many unfortunately) who act and behave like used car sales men, promising the world and pretending to know the “system,” giving out some really bad information, trying to make a sale. Then there are bloggers, including my self who might be miss leading people to come to the wrong conclusions.

I explained to her that I (myself) had written a blog called “Web Developers are not SEO Experts.” I was trying to point out that most web designers are not good at SEO and visa verse. SEO and web design has just become too specialized for one person to be great at both and frankly, it’s two different target audiences that you are trying to please. This lady who called me thought she understood this and insisted that my marketing company could not be used for organic SEO, Adwords and Social Media Marketing. She would only pick us for one of the tasks.

Whoops! My own blog has come back to haunt me. So, I thought I would take a moment to explain a couple of things. KO Websites and a few other companies out there, are a NEW type of marketing company. We have organic SEO specialist, Adwords-PPC specialist, social media marketing specialist, mobile web designers, content copy writers, website designers and graphic designers on staff, in house. KO is a full service online marketing company; A new kind of marketing company. In addition to the mentioned service, we also consult and advise on third party advertising opportunities, like Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. This makes us sort of like a new type of Ad agency too.

Bottom line: Yes, don’t higher one person claiming to be a specialist in all fields of online Internet marketing, but don’t rule out local marketing agencies who have a staff of marketing specialest and experts. In fact, it makes a lot of sense to use one.

In my next blog, I’ll explain why using a online marketing agency for all your online marketing needs, makes sense and most likely will save you a lot of money in several ways.



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