KO Launches another WordPress website

MB Development Gets a new WordPress website

By KO Websites, a Bay Area leader in WordPress  web design,
SEO and Internet Marketing

Bay Area logo designMB Development came to KO Websites with the desire of getting a complete marketing make-over. From a new logo, new website, Mobile website, strong and effective SEO to full service social media marketing. “KO Websites is unique in that we have separate in-house teams dedicated to each of this clients needs.” said Ken, President at KO Websites.

First we started with a new logo and tag-lines- “We build great homes for great families” and “A family of tradition of a family of builders.” The owner Benomi, is a true family man and wanted to carry over that message to his brand, instilling confidence in perspective clients that he understands that family comfort is of highest importance and that his company cares about you. In other words, his residential construction company bends over backwards to make your family comfortable during the remodeling or new home construction process.

Once the new brand was established, we moved on to the SEO and web design process, while in a parallel effort, his social media marketing accounts were being setup and customized. A few weeks later, the new website was lunched and the SEO tweaking, social posting and blog writing and posting began. Later during that same month (Sept 2012), the mobile website was launched and a short and simple video was added to the site.

Bay Area Residential Home Builder and Remodel extends marketing reach to Search and Social Channels

bay area residential home construction contractorMB Development elected to have KO Websites run all their online assets, so they chose KO’s “All n1 Power Plan.” This full service marketing plan includes a huge list of features and activities that stretch out through over the year. “The All n1 Power Plan has been huge for us and a great success for our clients” Ken said. He added “Our investment into video, mobile and social media marketing two years ago is really paying off right now and our clients both new and old are reaping the bennifits and crushing their compition right now.

For more about MB Development, visit their new home construction website.

To learn more about KO’s full service marketing services, visit our website at Full Service Social Media Marketing. Or call us at 510-276-9902.

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