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Shopping Carts – Online Stores & Merchant Accounts

KO uses Zencart, OS Commerce and now WordPress for our online shopping cart applications. KO Websites has partnerships with local merchant account providers and is a re-seller of SSL certifications. KO has all the pieces and experience needed to get your new shopping cart off the ground and live quickly.

e-commerceOne thing to think about when setting up a new online shopping cart is, are you prepared to install the inventory? Some people don’t realized the initial work it takes to set a cart up. We take care of all the complex technical stuff like security, shipping options and taxes, so don’t worry about that. But, what about taking photos of products, sizing and editing the photos and writing descriptions? And then there is what comes in what size, color and options. We’re not trying to scare you away, we just want you to know it takes a little work on your part, to help us help you.

Shopping Cart Options:

  • WordPress Shopping Carts
  • OScommerce Shopping Carts
  • Zencart Shopping Carts
  • PayPal
  • Visa-Master Card-American Express: Merchant Accounts
  • SSL for secured shopping online

    E-commerce & Shopping Carts

    website e-commerce shopping cartKO can help you get your ecommerce merchant and gateway accounts set up and running quickly, so that you can start selling your product or premium content today. KO features a merchant account partnership with MSNI to make the setup easy. 

    We use popular open source applications like osCommerce, Open Freeway and Zen Cart which provide you with a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping-cart feature at a low price that allows store owners to run and maintain online stores with minimal effort. Need special pricing for certain clients? Special tax calculations? Special shipping? KO Websites can fulfill these needs for you.

    KO Websites can integrate your online shopping cart with your Quick Book account too!

    KO Websites is one of only a few website providers that are able to setup your online merchant account and shopping cart to easily work with Quickbooks. Learn more about our online merchant account solutions and programs by calling us at 510-276-9902 or our Quick Contact Form >

    What does it take to get an online Store?

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