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KO Websites was able to get four of their clients in the top 10% and 2 in the top 5% at LinkedIn. This means that these accounts had some of the highest traffic to their LinkedIn accounts. Here’s how it was done.

Every smart San Francisco, Bay Area company and firm knows the importance of organic search engine marketing (SEM), also referred to SEO. Most companies are finding out the importance in participating in social media marketing as well. Social media can enhance and support their SEO efforts and also offers other verticals in which to enhance their inbound marketing reach.

Unfortunately, most smaller companies (1-50 million a year) don’t have time or the knowledge for SEM, so many of them are ignoring it. Ironically  many Mom and Pop companies are tearing it up on social media, because they do have the time. But soon, they wont have the time either, because their sales are probably starting to grow and they’ll soon be down the tubes with the larger size companies. Any way, this is where KO Websites steps in. We offer full service online marketing service, including SEO and social media management. We act like your in-house online marketing team, taking care of everything from web design, hosting and site updates, to setting up and posting on social accounts, writing blogs and of course we take care of the SEO (both organic and AdWords). In having KO Websites take care of all this, you can rest assure that it’s getting done right. Here’s the proof…

The following companies are on our monthly Internet inbound marketing plan, called the All n1 Power Plan. We take care of everything, including their LinkedIn accounts.

It was just announced that the following 3 San Francisco, Bay Area companies made the top 10% list at LinkedIn and 2 made the top 5%:

For more information on The ‘KO All n1 Power Plan,’ contact KO Websites at 510-276-9902 or drop us a note here.

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