A New Type of Marketing Agency is Here – Part II

This is part II of a blog about what new marketing agencies look like and why it’s smart to use them.

What does a new age marketing agency look like?

The new type of marketing agency still provides consulting, advice and helps identify potential markets. They also offer opportunities to co-op advertising opportunities, leveraging their client base to 3rd. party advertising channels. Additionally, they refine your brand and company message helping you to stand apart from your competition.

The definition of an ad agency and a marketing agency may be becoming blurred. Traditionally, a marketing firm would develop a marketing plan and an Ad agency would help to execute it. But now that the web has become one of the primary media channels, things are changing. Unlike traditional marketing channels like TV and print, the web marketing scene is still changing rapidly (daily) and therefore the marketing specialist who uses the online channels is also the best executioners of a marketing plan. You don’t really need an ad agency for social media. However, like an ad agency, a new age marketing firm can parley their clout and client base to get better deals on paid for ad opportunities, such as Yelp, radio and even cable TV.

Today’s successful marketing agency is comprised of the following:

  • Professional marketing specialists (idea and branding people)
  • Project managers / client relations
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers and developers
  • Search
    • Organic SEO specialist (good ones)
    • Paid search and social ad (PPC) specialist
  • Mobile marketing specialist
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Admin staff

Why use a local inbound web marketing firm that can do it all?

This 2 part blog started because a women called me and said she would not hire the same company to do her PPC, SEO and social media marketing. I want to explain why this is a mistake.

The left hand has to know what the right hand is doing! And have a shared, intentional strategy and plan. If not, a lot of money will be wasted and the target message and brand may be lost. Case in point is a company that organically comes up #1 on Google and their AdWord ad comes up number one as well. There is no reason to pay for PPC ad on the same page you rank #1 organically. That money should be spent on terms you don’t rank well on organically.

Another example is a company running a special, so the web manager permote’s the special on the website, but no one tells the social marketing team about it. This happens believe it or not and this is what happens when you get too many organizations into the soup. In fact, this happens with large companies with in-house marketing teams too!

This is why it’s smart to hire a full service online, inbound Internet marketing agency. Hire a company that can be your hub of information and make sure that it gets distributed consistently, effectively, and efficiently. This will ensure that your marketing hits its target and doesn’t make you broke.

For specific examples and case studies on how a full service Internet and inbound marketing company can benefit your company, call KO Websites today at 510-276-9902

Author: Ken O’Donnell


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