Is Your Website Designed for the Latest Google Ranking Algorithm?

Mobile-Friendly Web Design Will be Preferred in Google Search Results

Mobile Responsive Web Design Bay Area

How does your website look on your mobile device?

Effective April 21, 2015, whether or not your company’s website is mobile-friendly will affect your Google search ranking. The announcement by the most dominant search engine in the world challenges companies to take a hard look at their websites. If they don’t want to see a drop in Google search rankings, they’ll need (if not already) to upgrade their website to work well on mobile devices. To that extent, mobile-friendly web design will play an even larger role now in SEO.

It is well known that more and more users (about 60%) search for information through their mobile devices and want to see quality content on said devices. With this in mind, Google will provide its audience with the most relevant and visible results based upon the user’s medium of choice to keep the customer experience level high. Therefore, companies who want to take advantage of the change for their online marketing endeavors will make sure their sites and pages adhere to the new standard.

Before you panic, test your website to determine if it currently meets the application by accessing Google’s test page at If your site passes this test, congratulations! If not, your site needs an upgrade that may include a restructure, redesign, and rebuild. Taking action now rather than later allows you the opportunity to make the changes before the official launch later on Apr 21 to prevent any disruptive or adverse effects to your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and search rankings on Google.

Our initial testing reveals that a simple redirected mobile sized html website will suffice for awhile. A preferred method of mobile friendly web design is via HTML5 Responsive web design, or Responsive mixed with with Reactive. If you don’t have any of these options, you better get busy!

Our Bay Area Web Design Company designs and builds Mobile Responsive Websites, sometimes using reactive mixed in as needed.

Great looking websites with great content means nothing if they can’t be found on search engines. The results we achieve are designed to increase your visibility, boost your SEO ranking, and drive more business to your website. We accomplish this with responsive, mobile-friendly, WordPress web design – just as we have before the announcement. Give us a call today at  510-276-9902 or use our contact form.