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Three Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Websites

Thinking about a new website design? Don’t bother unless you follow these 3 key steps

San Francisco Website Design

Avoid these website mistakes!

With the importance of social media and the increasing use of mobile devices, businesses are heavily investing in website design improvements to keep up with their competition. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes:

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New Social Media Marketing Service for Museums Offered By Digital Marketing Company

Social Media Marketing Service By Digital Marketing Company


SEO Pro, a division of KO Websites, is now offering Social Media and Internet Marketing services for museums and other nonprofits. The new services include maintaining the social media accounts and coordinating online marketing efforts, as well as training on policy and best practices. “We have a handpicked team of staff members with MA degrees in Museum Studies and Marketing who are experienced in dealing exclusively with museums and social media. They understand the specific needs and challenges museums face when it comes to online marketing,” says owner Ken O’Donnell.

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Bay Area Non-Profit Expands Services With New Website

Website Design for Non-Profit Helps Secure Information


A Bay Area special needs training center Stepping Stones Growth Center (SSGC) announces the launch of their new website today. The staff was looking for a web design with a fresh new look and a website that could be managed and maintained by the staff. Additionally, they needed to abandon the old site with flash and outdated security standards.

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Content Marketing: Attract and Retain

Content Marketing: Attract and Retain Customers Through Education

Consumers are tuning out traditional forms of marketing. Think about how many people you know (maybe yourself included) who have DVR programming just to ignore the advertising on television. When playing “free” games on a smartphone, you’re accustomed to look for that tiny white ‘x’ as soon as the ad pops up. Some of us even buy the full version of the same application, just to avoid the advertising distractions.

It’s a whole different ballgame when you’re surfing the web and see “Tips and tricks for cleaning hardwood floors” or “10 ways to add value to your home;” articles that actually educate the reader, rather than trying to sell them something.

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Internet Marketing Merges with TV

YouTube on Direct TV?

I just stumbled on this today. I found my Youtube marketing videos on TV via my Direct TV box. I’m probably the last one to know about this, but just in case someone ells out there didn’t know, I thought I would share.

Why is this worth mentioning here? I had to search on Direct TV to find our videos. Mine came right up. Will yours? Yet another reason to pay attention to your SEO on social websitesSee our Web Design and SEO Channel.

Here are the instruction on how to check your videos on TV search.

Can I watch YouTube videos on my TV?
Yes. If you have an HD DVR receiver or a model R22 DVR receiver and it’s connected to your home broadband Internet network, you can access and watch YouTube videos right on your TV. Here’s how it works:


  1. Press MENU on your remote and select SEARCH & BROWSE
  2. Select SMART SEARCH
  3. YouTube videos matching your search words will appear as the last items in your search results. They will be marked “YouTube” in the right column
  4. To view, highlight the YouTube video using your arrow buttons and press SELECT and then select Play.