TCL and Tencent Released Today World’s First Smart Cloud Product!

Exciting News In China This Morning- The Worlds First Large Screen Mobile Smart Cloud Product is Introduced!!!

Chinese Web Giants Tencent and TCL Multimedia (China’s leading integrated Internet service provider) released today the worlds first Large Screen Mobile Smart Cloud Product. The two companies aim to support the rapid growth and integration of existing smart cloud products and will “represent a revolution in smart cloud life.” (Alexis Santos,

The iCE SCREEN comes with 4 central applications packed in a slim, stylish design (with many colors offered)–

  • Large Portable Screen
  • High-Speed Video Player
  • Stylish Music and Photo Album
  • High-Definition Video Communications
An Boasts
  • 1,366 x 768 display
  • web browsing, video access, music and games
  • QQ services
  • Android powered television with dual-core Cortex A9 1GHz processor
  • Mali 400 GPU
  • 4GB of RAM
  • support for a memory cart up to 32 GB in size
  • IR remote and an app for devices sporting version 2.2 or higher of Google’s OS
  • Wi-Fi, a pair of USB ports, HDMI and a 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Roughly $315
Pre orders being taken now before a September 3rd public launch.

The lightweight design of the new iCE SCREEN makes looking at the ‘bigger than tablet’-sized screen even more impressive, and the fact that you can take the 26-inch screen anywhere warrants even more cool points.

As a new form of consumer electronics product with considerable market potential, iCE SCREEN will build a massive differentiated market much like the markets for tablet computers and smartphones.” (Alexis Santos,


More details coming soon from KO Websites after the release!


-KC, KO Websites

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