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Public Services Website Design Bay Area

New Fire District WordPress Website Launched by KO Websites

KO Websites Builds New WordPress Website For Fairview Fire District Public Services

web design for fire department bay areaFFPD’s board of directors and general manager are enhancing FFPD community outreach, communications, engagement, collaboration, and partnerships; their new website facilitates these goals as well as to fulfill many requirements established by the California Special Districts Association for a District Transparency Certificate of Excellence. Most importantly for their district, FFPD’s new WordPress website is visually appealing, and provides an easy to navigate, and mobile responsive user experience to the community that they serve. Continue reading

Are you a small company? Lets find out.

KO wonders if they do web design for small or large companies…

Recently, I’ve had several conversations about the “company sizes” that we do web design, web hosting and web marketing for. We use loosely the term “small company,” “medium company” and “large company” and one client asked me what we considered a small company. I said sells under $2 million a year; an answer that I freely admit that I plucked from thin air. I thought that this was a very fair question and as I started to school myself on contracting for the US government, I found the official answer. Continue reading