Questions to ask Bay Area Web Developers

Questions to ask as you shop for a web design company

What questions should I ask a web design company before hiring them?

You know your business better than any web designer will, so you should create a set of questions related to your specific needs as you seek a developer to build your new website. The following questions can give you a place to start when qualifying your next web designer, no matter your type of business.

Do you have samples of websites you have built?

You will want to see some examples of the sites each design firm has built, and the right company for you should be able to provide website samples that will be similar to what you want and/or fit into your particular business type.

Does your company offer more than website design?

A company that builds websites might also offer SEO services, hosting, copy writing, social media marketing, PPC management and much more. For most companies this could be a great opportunity to save by packaging online marketing with website design and construction, versus paying a different provider for each service.

Will you provide a design mock?

You should be given a visual mock-up of how the website home page and sub-pages will look, before the website build-out is started. A design mock-up is typically sent in PDF format so that you can see what to expect, and also so you have something to look back at, if you find anything lacking in the actual production of the website. 

What if we find that we want to change or add to the design as we build?

Often businesses will find that they would like to include additional functionalities to their website after it is built. Go into detail about what is included in the scope of work within the website proposal. Ask how costs will be determined and billed, and how much revision work is included.

Can you provide a time-frame for completion?

While building a brand new website will rely upon collaboration from you to provide content, and edit and review the new website, your web design company should be able to give you an expected timeframe for completion on the assumption that your business is available to collaborate as needed.

How will you measure results?

If you are building a new website to replace an old/outdated website your web designer should be granted access to assess and analyze your existing web presence, taking into consideration those things you might already be doing right, and finding where they will be able to make improvements. Overall, results will be tracked as traffic builds for the new site, and how quickly the outcomes you originally sought are achieved.

Where will my website be hosted?

You may have an existing hosting account or you may need to find a new one. Often companies that build websites will also offer affordable hosting for websites they build. Find out if you need this service and ask the company you’re considering if they will host for you. This should be decided before the website is built.

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Have you designed e-commerce websites?

If you will be selling directly from your website, you will want to choose a web design company that has experience with e-commerce. The process is generally more expensive and requires additional skill sets. Ask for website examples that include e-commerce functionality if you will need this type of website.


It’s a great idea to contact the web designers clients and see what the web design and build-out process was like for them. Was there good communications, responsiveness and follow-up?

There’s a lot to think about when building a new website

While this is not an exhaustive list, it should help you find out more about the web design companies you are considering, as you look for a partner with whom to redesign or build a new website for your business. Click here to review more things to consider when getting ready to build a new website.

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