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Biomedical Forensics chose a WordPress website design by KO Websites to represent their engineering and applied science service. They conduct evidence-based engineering analysis of accidents and other incidents.

Updated WordPress Website Better Presents Cutting-Edge Engineering Firm

While Biomedical Forensics uses cutting-edge science and technologies in their practice, their previous website did not reflect this, as it was a few years old. So KO’s task was to bring the website’s look and feel up to Biomedical Forensics’ engineering and applied science standards.

In addition, the company targets engineers and law firms as clients, so the site had to provide these prospects the information they need to choose Biomedical Forensics!

With a total site size of approximately 20 pages, we had the flexibility to offer a number of customized features:

  • Custom responsive web design, which is the standard now for WordPress and other design templates to provide a uniform customer experience across all devices (UX). This is also mandatory as Google and other search engines rate UX elements highly.
  • Custom main home page, with scrolling slider images and the capability for a video slider, although video is falling out of favor due to its slow loading time (UX needs!). The client opted for simplified image animations and text overlays to achieve the same visual effect.
  • Four templates for various uses, including home, single, double column and blog layouts
  • Blog/newsletter for past project case studies and company news.
  • Migration of current content and conversion of existing PDF content to html web pages for improved SEO and UX . KO also assisted heavily with text editing to inject calls-to-action and capitalize on on-page SEO opportunities.

Complex shopping carts and other eCommerce website elements were not required. A detailed contact form met the client’s needs.

KO Websites Offers 20 Years of Web Design Experience

With clients ranging from roofers to medical device manufacturers, KO Websites offers a wealth of experience in Building Websites that Work for our clients. Exquisite design and high-end graphics are a starting point, but UX is paramount. Creating a website that supports business goals is our fundamental starting point with any website-building assignment.

How may we help you sharpen and modernize your website to better meet your business goals? Give us a call at 510-276-9902. Or send us a note through our contact form. We look forward to talking with you!