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WordPress and WooCommerce Perfect Solution for ID Printing Company

Hoobe ID Solutions needed a new website to significantly expand their eCommerce business. Hoobeid.com was the answer!

Hoobe ID came to KO Websites looking for a fresh, energetic new site that would attractively present their ID printing product line. Their other key goal was to obtain a content management system (CMS) that would be easy for their staff to update often and easily. WordPress CMS fit the bill with the addition of the WooCommerce plugin to add the needed eCommerce power and flexibility.

WordPress and WooCommerce Provide Powerful eCommerce site for ID Badging products company

KO Websites eCommerce Site Hoobe ID

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a critical aspect of this new website design as well, as the event ID and corporate ID business is a highly competitive, fragmented industry with a lot of players. That is good, in that most competitors had small marketing budgets. But it also means the SEO battle was going to be fierce!

This new site had a strong SEO impact naturally because if the multiple opportunities for SEO work presented by their extensive product line. Between the ID printers, software, ribbons, laminates and other accessories, the site presented hundreds of SKUs. Each presented another SEO building block we leveraged during the website building process.

SEO also benefits from constant change, which presents browsers like Google and Bing with “new” content and SEO tags on a regular basis.

This was a lot of work, but a lot of fun creating such a visually attractive, complex site that still offered the prospective customers easy navigation, plenty of information and an efficient check-out process.

Easy-to-Use User Interfaces Hides eCommerce Complexity

WooCommerce offers a great selection of tools and widgets with which to create a large eCommerce site, but any operation that does business nationally has to work with hundreds of tax jurisdictions and shipping options. We ran a thorough regime of testing to make sure the shopping experience was smooth yet accurate.

eCommerce Websites for a Mobile World from KO Websites

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