KO Websites Announces Full Remote Customer Support

KO Websites has updated its organization in response to changes in our marketplace to better support our clients and prospects. These changes reflect the impact the past two years of living and working with COVID-19 have had on how our business operates.

Marketing Program and Project Management to continue with regional support locations

Most of our employees now work remotely, with full continuity in the quality of the support they have been providing our clients for the last several years.

Indeed, few clients or prospects have expressed a desire to visit our main office in Castro Valley (four, in fact, in 24 months.)

So our pandemic-driven move to have most employees work from home offices has been a successful transition!

Expanded Service Hours
With KO managers now positioned across the country, we now provide online support from 7 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time (10 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time) to respond to client marketing and website needs.

Individual clients now have direct contact information for their account and project managers via phone, text and e-mail.

Urgent requests should also be submitted through our website for quick response during our service hours. Please send change requests through this link to ensure faster response: Change Request Form

Any messages sent through this link are routed to the entire support team. If your account manager is unavailable at that time, another team member will step in to respond.

Our company phone number, 510-276-9902, now has a live operator available 24/7 to take your message and direct your call.

  • For support, ask for Ben Hooks, or Ken O’Donnell after 3 pm Pacific time
  • For sales, ask for Ken
  • After hours, you may still leave a message with our answering service

    Castro Valley Office Closure

    In this pandemic era, having a physical office has lost its advantage. Where previously an in-person meeting had value for prospective clients, now a virtual meeting suffices to make that personal connection and “put a face to the name.” So, after weighing the economics, we have to admit that our 20-year tenure of maintaining our bricks-and-mortar presence in Castro Valley makes little sense until people begin once again to desire in-person meetings.

    Also, with the rise of flexible workspaces in the Bay Area, re-establishing a physical presence will be quick and affordable to do. We very much look forward to the post-pandemic day when that once again makes sense!

    Digital Marketing Agencies Operate Seamlessly Using Remote Workforce

    In many ways, KO Websites is simply acknowledging what the pandemic made clear: Digital marketing is an online activity that is well-supported digitally! Marketing agencies have been gradually converting their operations to fully remote for the better part of a decade. The COVID crisis simply accelerated that trend.

    We look forward to working with our current clients, and future clients, to build great things together in 2022 and beyond!