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KO Websites Launches New Private School Website

Bay Area-based Redwood Christian Schools has new mobile-first, responsive website design

Redwood Christian Schools, a private TK-12 school based in Castro Valley and San Lorenzo, CA has launched a new website to better serve its multiple community audiences.

“We needed a more user-friendly yet attractive look that can highlight our constituents, be a resource to our various audiences, and reinforce the sense of pride we feel for our school,” said Teresa Hendren, Director of Marketing for Redwood Christian Schools. “We have a huge and diverse community of whom we want to connect through our site. Plus, the new website will give us many more options for running and optimizing SEO programming.”

Some of the many audiences that RCS needs to serve through this new site include: parents, students, alumni, faculty, staff, administration, schools, community members, and both RCS parents and parents exploring options in education.


RCS attracts students from around the world who are drawn to its Christian ethos and curriculum. Parents turn to the website to learn more about the school, including its Christian mission, curriculum, and educational philosophy, as well as use it as a tool to apply and re-enroll and view the school calendar, among other resources.


Students can also use the calendar, but have a wealth of academic and career resources that they can access as well.


As with any private school, strong alumni connections and networks are a critical benefit to choosing RCS, and the website is one channel through which alumni can stay connected.

Faculty, Staff, and Administration

Employees of RCS have a forum within the website blog to share their stories about how important the mission and community are to them, and the ways in which they support the community.

Donors and Contributors

Fund-raising is critical to the long-term health of every private school, and RCS looks to the new website to present it in the best possible light to alumni and other donors who support the school. The blog and calendar also support the fund-raising events that the school holds each year.

Custom Design Features of the new Redwood Christian Schools website

KO Websites created custom features to help RCS achieve its site development goals.

  • A flexible blog structure that allows multiple different constituencies to share their stories with the community, and the school to share its important news and events.
  • Social media feeds to encourage community members to connect to RCS through those channels as well.
  • An automated calendar that connects to the school’s master calendar to upload weekly updates

“As an educational institution,” added Hendren, “we need to present an up-to-date image to our audiences. With this new website, we can organically keep it fresh, relevant, and better engage our audiences.”

Private School and other Educational Organization Websites

KO Websites has been helping schools and other non-profit and for-profit educational entities with website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing programs for close to two decades. To get more details on the RCS project or other client work, contact us through this website or call us at 510-276-9902.