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KO Websites Builds Medical Device Product Site for Mynosys Zepto® Launch

KO Websites created a series of websites for Mynosys and its Canadian distributor Aequus Pharmaceuticals to launch a new medical device into the cataract surgery industry: the Zepto Personalized Cataract Surgery system or Zepto PCS™. Zepto PCS is a precision capsulotomy system that creates the most accurate, visually centered capsulotomies available as part of cataract surgery.

The flagship site,, and its two Canadian variants, found at (with an English and French version) had four key missions:

  1. Present Zepto PCS to the ophthalmology community and provide clinical case studies and videos to drive up interest in adopting Zepto into cataract surgery procedures.
  2. Provide detailed instructions to guide surgeons and staff and give country-based trainers resources for training new clients.
  3. Offer information in non-clinical terms for prospective patients who would be exploring cataract surgery options online.
  4. Offer a register of distributors, with contact information by country.

Patient education was important because, at least initially, using Zepto PCS as the capsulotomy tool would be an additional expense for most patients. It is important that they understand what extra value Zepto PCS delivers over other methods like Femto Laser procedures. There is great value in achieving accurate capsulotomies with even, smooth edges as part of a cataract procedure. This is especially true in the many challenging cases for which the Zepto site provides video examples.

To achieve these goals, the website was built to include:

  • Full product information with detailed descriptions of how the mechanism works, and its benefits.
  • A resource center for surgeons, with instruction sheets and videos of challenging cases for surgeons and surgical staff.
  • A distributors’ roster to channel leads to the correct in-country contact, and a contact form for corporate inquiries.
  • A News and Events section to provide interested surgeons with the latest news, and details about which industry events the Mynosys Zepto team would be exhibiting and presenting.

For search engine optimization (SEO), we had a very targeted audience to attract: Ophthalmologists and ophthalmology industry opinion leaders. Keyword phrases like visual axis centration and capsulorhexis had strong appeal to this specific audience, if not for the patients who would be investigating cataract surgery options.

To further hone SEO and drive up site traffic, Mynosys chose KO Websites’ All n1 Power Plan, which is our full-service digital marketing program.

  • Build and launch mobile-first, responsive WordPress HTML5 website
  • Build and launch an online presence, including all appropriate social channels
  • Create, launch and maintain a content strategy and implementation plan to grow internet presence and drive traffic to the new site.

Great SEO success in less than six months

Zepto PCS New Product Launch KO Websites

  • Website traffic grew an average of 10% monthly
  • Social channel audiences saw great growth within the ophthalmological target audience (a surprisingly active social media market)
  • Over 50% of targeted keyword phrases earned Page 1 SERP listings within just a few months of site launch.

Medical device websites can be complicated to build, as they must maintain a high degree of compliance within regulatory frameworks. Yet the sites must also offer sufficient appeal and a depth of information to attract the target audience and motivate them to contact their appropriate distributor.

It is always an exciting challenge for the web development team at KO to strike that balance successfully. Our Zepto PCS site is an excellent example of how we can get that done!

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KO Websites has been helping innovate product designers and manufacturers with website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing programs for close to two decades. To get more details on the Zepto PCS project or other client work, contact us through this website or call us at 510-276-9902.