How to have Flu free office in the San Francisco Bay Area

As a web designer or social marketer, you’re always conscious of viruses that may attack your website or PC, but what about the pesky human viruses that can take down your office work force? Here are some useful tips and interesting information you can use and share with your web design and marketing office staff.

How to have a Flu free office in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Clean, clean, clean your office. Start with cleaning your keyboards, desk, pens, mice, mice pads, laptops, tablets and chairs.
  • Vacuum or mop your office floors (Here is a great Menlo Park carpet cleaning company and Menlo Park hardwood floor company). Here is a San Francisco carpet cleaning company.
  • Clean your bathrooms and kitchens, including all handles, nobs and switches.
  • Clean your office interior and exterior door nobs.
  • Clean your building entryway. Dust and mold can accumulate harvesting all kinds of yucky things. Here is a great Bay Area building cleaning company.
  • Clean your office phones and your cell phones!
  • Clean light switches.

It’s also a great idea to make available sanitary wipes and hand cleaners. Put one of each on each desk. You’ll see people use them if their available.


Helpful Links to keeping it clean:

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