Yelp Ads: Helping customers find and connect with great local businesses, like yours.

Yelp Business AdsAll local businesses understand the importance of building a strong and favorable reputation among their consumer base. The main question lies in this: how should a business best go about raising awareness to bring people looking for great local experiences through your doors? The answer: Yelp Ads. Yelp Advertising drives users to your business listing, converting them into customers and eventual brand evangelists. In fact, according to Nielsen, Yelp’s 108 million monthly visitors rank Yelp as the #1 review site for finding local businesses, playing a major factor in the final purchase decision.

Growth-oriented businesses are faced with a plethora of challenges: expanding brand awareness, delivering customer service, and responsibly managing its reputation, just to name a few. By enlisting a Yelp Advertising campaign, small business owners can showcase local promotional offers, conduct online branding, and communicate with customers directly about their experiences efficiently and cost-effectively. What’s best, all of this can be done while monitoring new customers and advertisements in real-time to ensure a reliable ROI.

The Power of Yelp Advertisements

The features of Enhanced Yelp Advertisements are designed to yield your listing the very best results. Furthermore, Yelp Ads are targeted to appear based on geography and search category. This ensures that only the most relevant eyes will see your advertising material. Additionally, mobile responsivity will optimize your ad to appear on Yelp’s app and site on any desktop, mobile or tablet platform.

Yelp Mobile Ads

In addition to the features above, the strategic placement of Enhanced Yelp Ads are of critical value. Ads are found in two places: above organic search results and on competitors’ listings. Being located here, users search for similar offerings or other businesses whom they might be more familiar. In the consumer’s mind, your business takes a seat at the table.

In conclusion, 98% of users have made a purchase from a Yelp-found business, and the majority of them convert within a week. Clearly, Yelp plays an essential role in the digital marketing and sales process for many small, local businesses. By running Yelp ads, this impact is only amplified.

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