2017’s Top Web Design Trends

San Francisco, Bay Area, website designIs Your Website Ready For What 2017 Has to Offer?

Technology and web space is rapidly evolving every day. New technologies are on the horizon that will render more freedom while designing the interaction and interface of websites. 2017 is no different. This year, we will witness some entirely new website design patterns that can truly revolutionize your web space. In the following section, we have assembled some of these emergent patterns.

The choice of your website’s color is an extremely important one. Color plays a significant role in influencing the thoughts and emotions of your sites visitors. 2017’s most popular color tones are predicted as green and duotones. These shades symbolize a refreshing new beginning and will likely work amazingly well to optimize your site.

Contemporary retro
Whether it is the vintage typography of the early nineties or some interesting pixel art, one expected trend this year features retro styling with a dash of contemporary twist. This will surely influence your website’s design, making it more interactive.

Another trend that is likely to be popular this year are cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are simply still photos that are lined with smaller elements and consistent movements. A good cinemagraph can go a long way in making your website visually striking and attractive.

Cool material designs
Incorporating a really good material design to your site will make it user-friendly and smart. This concept uses the principle of paper and ink to translate the quality of these elements into a proper digital format.

Bold, out-of-the-box typography
2016 witnessed some really amazing uses of bold typography, and this trend will likely continue in 2017. A creative and bold typeface will render an effortlessly classy and stylish appeal to your website.

Compact, modular design
Although not a new trend, if you really want your website to stand out, modular design is one thing that you should try this year. With its compact, block grid patterns, this design will add a contemporary approach to your site.

360 Video VR
Some of the best VR trends took off last year, and will likely continue in 2017. 360 videos will add intrigue, style and innovation to your site’s layout.

Microinteractions represent the individual and specific moments when users interact with your site. They provide feedback and guidance to you while also improving your site’s UX and ease of use.

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