KO Websites Discusses Careers With Youth in the Community


San Francisco Bay Area Web Design Company Offers its Advice

On October 27, 2015, KO Websites, Inc. was honored to explain the benefits of a career in Social Media and Website Design to a room full of high-school students at Ashland’s REACH center in conjunction with Soulciety. Nikki Mendez and Jack Williams, employees at KO Websites, were on hand to discuss education, experience, and soft skills needed for success.Future Social Media Marketers

While a college education is definitely a plus, it’s not always a necessity to work in this field. In fact, the good news is that there are plenty of resources available online – many free – to prepare an individual for the career. WordPress, KO Websites’ preferred application for building responsive websites, not only offers the opportunity to build a free website but has a multitude of lessons and tutorials available through its support page.

Furthermore, online publications such as Search Engine Journal and Content Marketing Institute offer insight, training, and expert opinions from leading professionals about online digital marketing and social media. Students were encouraged to explore and take advantage of these resources in order to learn and stay on top of trends.

Reading and putting the above resources into practice is a great way for a student to begin her own training to build experience. If she can, she may be able to assist others with website and social media marketing needs for events and blogs, for example. Because of the flexibility of online marketing, they may be able to perform activities while attending high school and college to gain hands on experience – and maybe get paid!

Soft Skills
In addition to education and experience is the importance of “soft skills.” Techniques that make an individual successful in social media marketing – and almost any other career – are communication, adaptability, and attitude.

Effective communication – both written and spoken – not only helps convey great marketing copy but allows one to articulate his message to clients, coworkers, and bosses in a clear and concise manner. Adaptability is a must! In this climate, change is never ending and comes quickly. If one wants to stay on top of his career, he/she needs to be able to incorporate changes to be a leader (and not a “dinosaur”). Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important of the soft skills, is a good attitude. To simplify, this means treating your boss, coworkers and customers with respect; being a contributing team player; and availability to assist when necessary.

Future Bay Area Online Marketers Can Begin Now!

According to Kit Duggan of Soulciety, the session “was a valuable learning experience for our youth because they can apply such social media marketing methods to their own self promotion.” KO Websites encourages the development of our future workforce so they’re prepared to add to our community’s economic development. If you have questions about KO Websites and its offerings, call us today at (510) 276-9902.