How to Write a Blog and Why

What is a Blog?

A blog is basically an online journal.  A resource for communicating with mass amounts of potential customers.

How to create a blog?

3 steps:

1) Create a creative eye grabbing title that will hook a reader in.
2) Write the content/body of blog.
3) Add tags/keywords.  Keywords should best describe your blog content.

Why write a blog?

To put you, your product and service, and your brand in front of a much larger audience and to get people interested and more informed about your company.  There is also a SEO factor.  It’s an opportunity to leave links back to your website.  Don’t over due this though.  Is the blog is hosted on your domain, the blog content counts for site content, which everyone knows, Google loves.

Should it be a particular topic?

A blog can be written on any topic imaginable but the topic should be relative to your business.  It is a good idea to write your blog on a general topic because it appeals to a broader audience and can have a longer life span, but don’t forget the SEO factors mention above.  No duplicate content is a key point not to forget.  No one wants to read duplicate content and neither does Google. It can be very dry, redundant and can lose your audience too.

What do I write about?

If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to write about its a good practice to think about the who, what, when, where, why, how and benefits of you industry and or company.
For example: “The top 10 benefits to pressure washing your home are…”
Also another good idea is to think of questions your customers might have and then answer it in a blog.
For example: “what do I look for in finding the best auto body shop?” or “how do I know I need a new a/c or heater?”

How long should my blog be?

In short your blog can be any length.  However people do not want to read novels so a couple of paragraphs is just fine.  Then link them to your (or another) website for more information on the topic. If you feel your blog is too long, break it up into parts.  Part 1 and Part 2, then you have two blogs and you can space them out.  The theory of saving the best for last is not best for blogging. You actually want the best part first to tease readers to read on.  Most Blog readers have short attention spans and may only read the first paragraph.  These people can receive and leave with a good information bite quickly and that’s OK.  Quality is definitely more important than quantity or the length of you blog.

How often should I write a blog?

Once a week is ideal but this might be too much for some people, so twice a month is fine for most businesses.  Consistency and quality is the key.  People want to know when to expect the next blog.  Like your favorite TV show, you want to know when it’s on again next week.   Also it is not effective to write a bunch of blogs in one day and then nothing for a month.  It’s much more effective to write one every week or two.

Thank you.  Hope this helps,  happy blogging!

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