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‘Bay Area web design’ Search ranked number one for “Bay Area Web Design” for over 9 years, then dropped to #2 for 9 months, then dropped to #10 after just a minor adjustment on 1/13/2011. The problem is, which minor adjustment did we make that hurt us m0st? Or was it a combination of our changes and or the competition changes, plus other changes like Google’s algorithm or inbound links removed? It’s a little complex!

Watch as KO tries to claw their way back to the top. We will succeed, but it might take a month or so. The difference from #1 and #3 in website generated calls is about 70%. The difference in phone calls from someone ranked number 1 and number 10 is about 8 to 1.

Bay Area Web design– Watch us go… still ranks very well under other important Bay Area web design search terms, like SEO, web design company, etc.
We don’t buy links, but we manage/host over 150 websites, so we are open to sharing links to industry related websites that make since.

Update- Fast forward 18 months. Panda and Penguin Google updates takes it’s toll and a new website and economy has effects too.

We climbed our way up to #2 for awhile and then dropped to #5 around Jan 2012. We launched a new website using the WordPress platform in late April and fell to #8 soon after. We made some SEO adjustments and are now we’re back to number 5 for “Bay Area Web Design.” Of course if your logged into Google, the search results for “Bay Area Web Design” are not the same. They’re better thanks to Google Plus (G+).

What motivated me to write this update was a warning in Webmaster tools that I had 3 pages (2 blogs and our home page) with the same page title. What? Rookie mistake! It’ll be interesting see what (if any) ranking changes come from this update. Stay tuned.

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