Save $ on your next website design

Your next website design; Save money!

Some companies have no idea what they need in a new website and that’s ok, but you should at least know who your company is and have some basic information together before you contact a web designer. What do I mean?

Here’s how to save money on your next web re-design or your first website…

  1. Know what web design you want- Look at other websites and know what you think might be nice for your website. Have these domains available for your web designer to look at and talk to you about. These don’t have to be companies like yours, just websites that you like.  If your not sure about the look, that’s OK. Just say so and we’ll/they’ll have a profession designer come up with some concepts.
  2. Next we’ll want to know about your online competition and off-line competition. Who are we trying to beat? Do you market already and or do you have someone else doing PPC and or SEO? It’s ok, but we MUST know this.
  3. Do you know who you are? One thing that can slow down the launch of a new website is information!
    Who are you? What makes your company great? Company history? Products you offer? Who is the person you are targeting the site to?.
  4. Got Logo and or Photos? We need those to make your new website great.

Having this information together will save you time and money on your next web design. If you tell a web designer that you have all this information together already, they will take this into consideration when giving you a quote for your next web project.

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