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How to Work Remotely During a Virus Pandemic

As a website design company and website design company in the Bay Area, where the coronavirus epidemic is prevalent and growing, we have naturally been tracking the progress of the contagion closely. We have disaster plans in place as any Bay Area business would, given that we live and work on literal faultlines.

Digital Tools Make Remote Work More Manageable

One part of disaster planning that we have always woven into our work processes is the decision to have our staff work remotely, usually from home but often from other locales like coffee shops and hotel rooms. As a result, triggering a “stay at home” protocol this month as the coronavirus crisis enveloped the Bay Area was not a highly disruptive event for KO Websites.
The one behavior change we did have to institute was the elimination of remote work in public places like coffee shops. All people working at home must really be at home, avoiding areas where people gather. We make great use of Google Hangout, Zoom and Join.me to stay in touch with each other and clients.
As an agency working with a diverse group of clients, we have also been responding to their crisis needs. Retail clients are of course feeling the economic impact the most, but there are opportunities to deliver thoughtful, helpful messages via social media and with special website alerts to let customers know that they are responding to their needs.

Use Social Media to Communicate Status with Customers during a Crisis

Social media channels and websites are communication channels. Businesses all use them to share general information as well as promotional messages. In times of crisis, the mix of messages definitely has to swing heavily towards sharing of status, information and advice.

We hope you are handling this health crisis as best you can and that the virus itself passes you by.
~The KO Websites/SEOPro Team