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Match Your Social Media Message to the Right Platform

Bay Area Social Media Marketing Crash Course

Social media is a huge part of our online digital lives. Many businesses use social media as part of their Bay Area online marketing strategy, but with so many different platforms, it can be difficult to choose the ones that fit your needs and the right social media marketing strategy. Trying to be active on every platform can be expensive and time-consuming. The key to a high ROI on your marketing dollars is to focus on social media where your brand message meets prospective customers.

Define Your Goals

Social media gives you many different options to present your brand. Determine why you want to build a Bay Area social media marketing platform before you start. This can help you choose the right platform for your business. Many businesses choose to use social media to build awareness and loyalty instead of actively selling products. This tactic can work very well for some organizations, while others may need to find a different strategy.

Define Your Audience

Before you can decide on the right social media platform, you need to know who your audience is. Are you trying to reach professionals? LinkedIn may be where your potential customers are more active. GenZ, a younger customer, may be more active on Twitter or TikTok. Millennials tend to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Define Your Content Reach

Another aspect of choosing the right platform is to know what type of content you produce. Instagram focuses on photos, so it can be good for fashion, food, and travel. TikTok uses short videos. Facebook is known for keeping in touch with friends and family. You should think about connecting to followers on Facebook instead of selling. Whitepapers or blog posts work well. Twitter is known for supporting customer experiences and news stories. Think short bursts and content that might be divisive to generate engagement.

Our Bay Area SEO Company Takes Care of The Strategy For You

Matching your message to the audience and the platform can be difficult, but when you find the right combination, your message is more productive and effective. Partner with a Bay Area SEO company to help you define your goals, audience and reach to find the best platforms that connect with your audience and promote your brand. KO Websites can help support your online marketing strategy to make your marketing budget count. Contact us here anytime to see how we can help.