Why Clients Stay With KO Websites

Staying current with web design, tech and SEO

ROI results are the bottom line!

A local Bay Area B2B business service company explains why they’ve been working with KO Websites for over 12 years. Our clients have a lot of choices and design firms to choose from here in San Francisco.” “Why do they stay with us?” “Watch this short video testimonials to find out why.” Ken O’Donnell, President at KO Websites.

“Tech and web design trends change, but quality services from your vendor doesn’t have to.” Ken O’Donnell, President at KO.

A common webdesign rebuild life cycle is about 4 years. We have been helping our clients grow their business and markets for over 16 years without missing step. We stay current in the newest and most effective web design trends and keep our clients informed on important  and only the worthy changes in new trends.

Below is a real life example of a clients websites changes and growth over 12 years. Just as their websites changed, so did their client base. From just local Bay Area clients to National and now world wide markets. This client is about 500% larger in revenue than they were when we started working together 12 years ago.

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