Start 2014 With a New Website Design

5 Tips for Refreshing Your Business Website

The start of the new year is the perfect time for new beginnings. If you are ready for a new website or updated website design, then let the new year inspire you! If you don’t want to start from scratch, it is still important to take a critical look at your business website. Here are important components to consider:

Business Website Design1) Hours and Location

Are your open hours, phone number, and business address up to date? Is it listed in an easy to find location? The number one reason visitors come to your website is to find a way to get in contact with you directly, either in person or on the phone.

2) Services and Products

Have you updated your services or products offered in the past year? Do you have products listed that are no longer available? Don’t let prospective customers be disappointed, and make sure your information is up to date.

3) Out of Date Technology

Speaking of out of date, check to see if anything on your website is broken. For example, Flash (aka a format used to display animation or video on websites) is not viewable on smartphones and tablets, and is a technology being phased out. Mobile friendly websites are essential as more and more people view websites on their mobile devices.

4) Add Photos

The internet is a highly visual medium. Potential customers are more likely to respond to imagery rather than text. Take some photos of completed projects or around the office, and add them to your website.

5) Call To Action

Your website is a business tool, and should help drive new leads. To make sure prospective customers are following through by calling, emailing, or walking through your door, include a strong call to action on your website. Make sure it is easy for customers to get a hold of you, and that they are encouraged to contact you.

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