With millions of I pads and smart phones out there, mobile devises are accounting for more than 40% of the traffic on the web now. Mobile web design has taken on an all new importance!

Mobile Media Marketing- How many cell phones and other mobile devices are there in the San Francisco Bay Area? We think it’s fare to say a lot. If we put a number here, it would be outdated before we uploaded this page. But are people making purchases or buying decisions on their cell phone? The answer is yes. Social media access via mobile devices is another consideration. Today, you’re more likely to be found on Facebook or twitter via a cell phone or mobile device than on a desk top PC.

Among U.S. adults who are online today, more than half (54%) access popular social website with their phone, according to new research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. This report shows that social media is an increasingly popular mobile activity. A February 2011 report from comScore noted that social media is currently the fastest-growing content category for mobile users (that’s up 56% from last year). And a year ago, Nielsen noted that 54% of smart phone users and over 35% were using social media mobile phone apps.

Bottom line for you? You better have a mobile website!

If you’re using social media, expect that growing proportion of your audience are viewing your web assets on a mobile device. Therefore, mobile Websites are a must today.

There are several ways to design a mobile website…Yes, smart phones can access normal website’s, but they are not laid-out for cell phone screens and some phones can’t see flash design either. You want to have a second mobile website design just for mobile devises, and a browser sniffer that redirects cell phone users to the mobile website.

Another option is to build your main website using html 5 and CSS 3 or use an application like Word Press that can automatically convert web data into a viewable mobile website. Most of these mobile solutions are affordable. At KO Websites, we do html mobile websites starting at $750, including hosting. If you have questions about mobile web design, or are ready to get one for your company, contact team KO at: 510-276-9902. Or use out handy online contact form.

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