Building your own website?


Why is building your own company website such a chore?  Have you ever notice how helping someone ells with fixing their car, moving or rearranging their living room is so much easier to do when it’s not your car or house? No stress or hassles and no over thinking about it!

The same thing applies when building your own website. We’ve redesigned and rebuilt our own KO website about 5 times over the last 11 years. I’m in the process of building-out our new site now. The difference is, last time I developed the concept and my staff took over the whole project. The difference this time is, my staff is too busy and I’m hell bent on getting this puppy launched before the end of April, so I’m building-out the website content myself. Wow, talking about “over thinking.”. It’s been painful. More…

The problem is, I’m too close to the company. My head is too deep into it and I’m getting bogged down in the details. It’s been a full 3 years since we did it last and so much has changed. New website design products, internet marketing products, new staff, company growth, new location and new technologies just to name a few.

Like most business owners, I want everything on the home page in large print, flashing and in your face! This of course is a terrible web design technique and it’s not part of my original plan. But it’s ALL SO IMPORTANT! And then there’s SEO to consider. What topics are more important to rank high on for 2012/13?

Do we assume everyone knows why they need a website for their business? Or do we still explain the concept? Don’t want to loose anyone do we? Or maybe we don’t want those clients. They tend to suck up a lot of time. But then again, they’re usually loyal clients, because you took the time to explain everything. Do we emphasize our new products or point out how great we are at the older ones? Do both? Decisions, decisions and more decisions.

For example, we want to build more mobile websites this year. But mobile websites are still in the ‘what are they and why do I need one?’ market stage. This is where SEO was 4-5 years ago, when we had to spend a lot of website room and time explaining it. Now SEO is in the “I know what it is, I want it,’ ‘explain why you’re the company to do it?’ market stage. Market analysts have been saying for years that mobile marketing is going to be bigger than desktop searches and it looks like they were right. In 2013, mobile search will surpass desktop search and we want to help companies catch up ASAP.

OK, I’ve digressed and gone off on a tangent, which is exactly what happens when a company owner try’s to build his/her own website too!

The moral of the story is to get help. It’s not cost effective for you to try to do everything yourself anyway. Write an outline and hand it off to someone ells in the company like a sales Rep, admin assistance or even your spouse. Then hand us the text copy and we’ll bring it all together into a very nice, productive website for you. As for me, I’m going to listen to my own advice and hand off my project to someone here in the office so it gets finished sometime this year.

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