Bay Area Travel Tour Company Works with KO Websites on New Site

Tomales Bay Expeditions, a Marin County-based travel/tour company chose KO Websites to build its new WordPress website to promote its local kayak rental and excursion packages.

KO Websites is a Bay Area leader in building “websites that work” for clients as small as sole proprietors and as large as international firms like Matson Navigation. Our emphasis is on easy-to-use functionality that provides a great user experience, and search engine optimization (SEO) to make it easier for prospective customers to find the site. For Tomales Bay Expeditions we focused on clear, simple navigation that brought the interested site visitor quickly to the information they wished to find, and optimized each page to focus on:

  • Kayak Rentals – For kayakers experienced enough to take self-guided tours on Tomales Bay.
  • Kayak Tours – Group excursions led by experienced guides
  • Kayak Pricing – Tomales Bay Expeditions keeps pricing simple so that interested kayakers can quickly decide to contact the company for more information and reservations.

Tomales Bay Expeditions KO Websites

One challenge for Tomales Bay Expeditions is that they do not operate out of a storefront. They meet their guests and patrons on the beach near Point Reyes Station with all the necessary gear and instructions. People interested in renting their kayaks or reserving a kayak tour need to find them online. So, the website needs to work as their store front, engaging prospective customers with just enough information to pique their interest, and then make it easy to contact them.

To meet that need, we placed a contact form as a call-to-action (CTA) on every page in a prominent position to encourage the site visitor to act.

Another key element for our client was making clear where Tomales Bay is for folks who are less familiar with western Marin County, especially tourists visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. We included an interactive Google Map in the footer that would appear on every page.

We also embedded a feed from their Facebook page to help site visitors get a feel for how much Tomales Bay Expeditions is involved with its community and how much fun it has with its customers.

Local Tourist Businesses Who Need Attractive Websites Choose KO Websites as Their Designer

Local businesses catering to tourists or local residents looking for fun activities need to have uncomplicated but attractive websites optimized to help their prospective customers find them amid the crowded Bay Area outdoor activity scene. KO keeps it simple with its micro-business website package. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.