My designer did not SEO my website?

Web Developers are not SEO Experts

SEO people design for Google – Web designers design for people.

A short note on web design and seo people. Most web developers say they are experts in SEO.

There is no doubting that many of them do an OK job at it, but they are not truly specialists in the area of SEO. In the same way, I wouldn’t recommend that an SEO specialist to design your website. They are both specialized skills, which contribute to the online marketing success of your business. That’s why KO Websites, a Bay Area web design company spun off a separate division called the SEOPRO’s for SEO. Designers and SEO people just don’t think the same and their objectives are different, even though for you, they are the same. SEO people design for Google and web designers design for people. You need to understand this, so you can manage the two. Why?…

Number one mistake by most marketing companies and business- You don’t want to build your new website first and then contact an SEO company to perform SEO. You actually want to contact an SEO company first, contract with them and have them agree to work with (consult) your web designer on how to build your website. This approach can save you thousands of dollars in SEO cost latter! The SEO person will explain to the web developer how to name the files, graphics and have some say about the media and database structure. The web developer and designer will maintain control of the web design and message.

It’s very rare, but there are a few companies that have both web design and SEO people. They charge a perimum price for their products, because they are most likely delivering a premium product. To know if you found one these companies, ask for case studdies and samples of their SEO sucsess.

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