Tips To Make Your Mobile Site Awesome

3 Tips To Make Your Mobile Website More Awesome

In this blog I’m going to discuss 3 simple suggestions you should think about for your mobile website. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring someone.  

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Keep it clean, simple, and easy to navigate. People have less patience on their phone, on that tiny screen. (I’m sure you know first hand) content is still king but on a mobile site it’s a little more important to cut the fat and get to the point.

Click to call.

When do people look at mobile websites? On their mobile phones! Whether it’s an iPhone, Android, Windows, or even a Blackberry they all have browsers and they (believe it or not) still call out like a good ole’ fashioned telephone. That being said, make sure you have click (or tap) to call functionality on every page. It’s also known as “call to action”.

Just tap it in, just tap it in, just give it a little tappy.

(Yes that’s a Happy Gilmore reference.) When designing your mobile website don’t think clickable, think tappable. People aren’t using mouses, they’re using thumbs, so make your links thumbable. Not so small where you end up hitting several links at once and you have to keep hitting back and retrying and by the fourth try your just like, “forget it!”.

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By: Robert O’Donnell
Social Media Marketing at KO Websites

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