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KO Websites Creates Stylish New Website for Greystone West

Greystone West, a construction management company based in Sonoma, CA and working on project throughout the Bay Area and Northern California, had outgrown their old Drupal website and needed a fresh start with an easy-to-manage WordPress website design to showcase their successful projects and work with contractor partners.

Greystone West Construction Management Chose KO Websites as their Website Design Partner

Greystone West needed three very specific elements of their website to support their business development and operations.

  1. An easy-to-manage backend that allowed Greystone West managers themselves to update Bid Information quickly.
  2. A showcase for their portfolio of completed projects, to allow potential public partners like cities and school districts to review the variety and quality of their construction and project management.
  3. A roster of employees to allow clients, partners and contractors to find the contact information for the specific person they need, rather than calling the office or sending in a generic contact form.

To meet these needs, KO Websites created a website that met these needs in the following ways:

  1. The website was built in WordPress to allow easy and intuitive management of the site by Greystone West employees, with training and support from KO staff. Greystone West has people on staff ready and willing to learn about the WordPress admin interface so that they can add and delete bid information files quickly, and update portfolios as they gather new images.
  2. KO also applied its expertise as an SEO Agency to maximize the new design’s value.
  3. The bid information section of the website consolidated a three-step updating process down to one using a blog functionality. This gained the client instant flexibility in posting new information and deleting outdated information. With just an hour’s training, Greystone West took over that part of site administration with little issue.
  4. KO constructed a staff roster page in place of a contact form which, again, is easy for Greystone West to revise as people join the firm or change roles.
  5. The design of the site made the portfolio of Greystone West projects the focus (the graphic ‘Hero’) of each page. An elegant site design took functionality into the background to allow the quality of Greystone West work to grab and keep the visitor’s focus.

KO Websites Offers Versatile Mobile-first Bay Area Website Design

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