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Important Tips for Browsing the Internet Securely

Searching the internet and viewing your favorite websites starts with the internet browser. Two of the most used internet browsers have made the news this week.

Web browser ecurityNew Internet Explorer Threat

In important web security news this week, Microsoft has confirmed that their Internet Explorer browser contains a significant vulnerability, which affects all versions of IE. All users are encouraged to use a different browser until the vulnerability can be patched (even the US Government has issued an advisory warning).

What makes this issue even more critical is that the problem will not be fixed for XP users. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP a few weeks ago.

Secure Web Browsing Options

So now that Internet Explorer is off the table, what internet browser should you use? Two major (and secure!) options are Google’s Chrome browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Both are free to download and use, and are the second and third most used browsers after Internet Explorer.

Mozilla just unveiled a major Firefox update this week, including a design overhaul to the interface. Other new features include a cross-browser Sync and customizable menu.

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