How Many Website Launches in 48 Hrs?

Quick Web Design?

KO Websites broke a company records this month. First they launched 5 websites in 48 hours and 2 more in the next 48 hours, for a total of 7 websites in less than a week!

Quick website design? Outsourcing? No, more of a log jam! Some times new clients will get so excited about the look of their new website, they insist on developing new content, taking new photography and things of this nature that were not originally in the development plan. This happened several times in the last few months and some projects were put on hold (by the client) just prior to launch, so other non-delayed projects caught up in the assembly line, and before we knew it, we had a log jam of about 8 websites that were ready (in our eyes) to launch. This week, several of these projects came to an end and were all launched.

bay-area-web-design-7 bay-area-web-design-1 bay-area-web-design-2

bay-area-web-design-3 bay-area-web-design-4 bay-area-web-design-5


Stay tuned, we have another 13 new websites on deck. Yes, we’re having a great time over here at KO Websites. Oh ya, almost forgot…check out our new SEO website at too!

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