Are you too young to get on Google?

Domain age, does it mean anything to Google?

It turns out that it really DOES! But maybe not as much as we thought before.
I do know first hand that the “sand box” does exist and will stifle your rankings for about 6-8 weeks on a brand new website domain name. So, the lesson learned here is…

As soon as you know that you’re stating a new website, get that domain up with a coming soon page and get a link or 5 to the website, just so Google starts that ‘Sand box’ timer going. The SEO PRO’s at KO websites will tell you when we are speculating or guessing about SEO issues and we will show you when we have proof of a SEO algorithm. Here is the proof. Watch the video below.

2 thoughts on “Are you too young to get on Google?

  1. Mike Griffiths

    Love it, not entirely sure about the first point you made, but as a whole it’s a good article. Not sure if this is of interest, but might be worth adding yourself to the free SEO directory


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