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    Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
social media marketing SF Bay Area

Social media marketing is hundreds of times less-expensive than the traditional marketing mediums of print, radio, and TV. With social media marketing, you get real-time, immediate access to potentially millions of people on-demand.

Why source your social media marketing to KO websites? Simple, It’s much more cost effective and normally much more effective! What would it cost to hire someone in-house to do it? Would they stay current? Social media changes daily. Will an in-house person stay up to date? Would they have a pool of social media team members to work with, share ideas and help when needed? Probably not and that’s why even enterprise size companies are starting to use agencies like ours. You may be wondering, what will KO Websites do for you?

What our social media marketing specialists do for you:

  • Setup and brand match all social media accounts (where able)
  • Strengthen YOUR company brand awareness
  • Promote your products and services
  • Manage the day-to-day execution of social media content messaging and communication
  • Increase social media community engagement by producing creative, compelling content relevant to your industry and current events
  • Monitor online conversations
  • Develop and nurture online alliances and friends
  • Monitor and manage brand reputation
  • Design, implement and manage social media campaigns with a focus on Likes and follower acquisition
  • Actively communicate and coordinate with your company representative to provide timely content
  • Work closely with our SEO specialists to make sure we are all in sync
  • Work with your company representative and our blog content writers to insure the messages are in sync and blogs are promoted
  • Manage social media paid advertising campaigns
  • Monitor social media trends, maintain expert level competency in social media platforms and look for new opportunities that may be beneficial to your company

If you like this idea, you may be interested in our full service web asset and inbound marketing plan here- “All n1 Power Plan.” KO Websites takes care of all online marketing for you, including website maintenance, at a fraction of the cost!

If you’re still not sold on the social media marketing concept, please play the video and read below


Social Media Marketing SF Bay AreaSocial Media marketing offers low-cost advertising opportunities to interact with people and sell your products and your company. Potential customers you may have never engaged are now accessible. Consumers or perspective clients will read your social content and blogs, giving them a direct link to your brand and website. The leads you obtain are stronger and help hook your audience. Rather than seeing a TV commercial or reading an advertisement, social media allows your customers to engage directly with your brand – it gives them a personalized experience.

For more information on how and why you should take advantage of the low-cost advertising opportunities available through social media marketing, SEO, and good web design, contact us at 510-276-9902 or use our quick access form to the right >

Need a web redesign? SEO? Social media marketing help? Mobile marketing?
Need it all? Check out our “All n1 Power Plan.”

We also offer special internet, social media marketing services for Museum

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"June 2014-"Finally after hard work finding the right guys we just sold our first lead thru the contact form. Thx Ken. a lot (of bid request contact forms) have been coming in!!!!!!!! we have got lots of compliments as well." East Bay Commercial painting company.


"Oct 2013- “Our new online shopping cart made $225 in sales in the first 48 Hrs. We didn’t even realize it was up yet.” Vapor store in Milpitas, CA.


"Oct 2013- “Our clients are always complimenting us on our website.” Pund-It, Silicon Valley and San Jose.


"Oct 2013- “We’re showing up all over the search engines now” Summit, East SF Bay Area.


"Sept 2013- “You’ve been so helpful and patient with us. Thank you so much for a great website!” Lithium Power, San Jose, CA.


"Aug 2013- “I love my new website. I’m getting new clients and speaking engagements already!” Health coach, San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


"July 2013- “I have more website leads than I know what to do with. I get to pick and choose the roofing and solar jobs I want now. Awesome SEO and social media marketing work!” Larger roofing and solar company, San Francisco Bay Area, CA.


"May 2013- “This WordPress website is so easy to manage. I love it and it’s working very well for us.” Construction safety school. South San Francisco, Bay Area, Ca.


"Dec 2012- “My gosh, stop! I can’t handle the phones.” ”What a differences a little SEO makes!” — Bruce, Auto Parts, Pleasanton, CA.


"...Thanks for sticking with me. Your and the K-O team’s hard work have resulted in a terrific new site!"
— Charles King, Pund-It.com


"Our new website has paid for itself 10 times over in just 8 months. You guys have done a great job!"
— Bob E, Pianos Plus


"I like the fact they got the website up so fast."
— G.H.


"…I can tell you that KO is the best..."
— B.T.


"I like their location, service and accessability." "...and they get the jobs done on time!"
— E.S.I.