How to create a new E-mail account

Log into your Client Admin Area (please refer to “How to access your ‘Client Admin'”)

Once you gain access to your Client Admin area you will see your admin home page. In the “Mail” section you will see an option titled, “Create Mail Account”.

Click the link to “Create Mail Account”

You will then be asked to input the name of the account you wish to create (this appears to the left of the ‘@’. ex: info@).

Next, you will put in the password that you would like to assign to the account being created. (We recomend using pass phrases [ex:KO Websites is Awesome! = KOWiA!] for your passwords as this helps increase complexity).

At this point you can click the ‘OK’ button and start using your email, or click the tabs to select other items to configure.

Configuring the Spam Filter options

Here is some useful information if you choose to set up the spam filter. The first check box is where you can turn the SPAM filter off and on. If the box is checked then it is turned on and if the box is unchecked, it is off.

Next, you will need to tell the system what you want to do when it detects spam
NOTE: Using the “Move spam to the Spam folder” option will cause quota issues so we don’t recommend using it.

Under the Advanced Settings section you can set the spam filter sensitivity White list (Do not filter) and Black list (Always filter) settings.

Once you are done editing your setting click the ‘OK’ button and your email is ready to use.

The next step would be email client setup