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Welcome to KO’s customer support page

Here you will find some useful resources on how to perform some common tasks.

Submit a change request for your website
Using Dropbox
How to Give KO Websites Access to Your Ads Account
How to Go from Ads Express to Regular Google Ads
How to Claim Your Google My Business: Step by Step
Need help setting up your E-mail?
How to access your ‘Client Admin Area’
Need help creating a new E-mail account?
How to get your stats
Want to set up a Mail List?
Merchant account application form

KO Websites is a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency. We are not an IT company. This means we know how to use computers fairly well, but we do not fix them.

Having trouble finding what you need here? Use the form on this page to request help, or give us a call at 510-276-9902

2 thoughts on “Support & FAQs

  1. Nikki Mendez

    Good morning…if our chamber members want to register for a user ID and password to comment on blogs, how would they be able to do that? Also, once they do comment on blogs, is there a vetting mechanism or will their comments automatically post? Thanks! ~Nikki

    1. kowebsites

      Hi Nikki, good question, we have sent you an email regarding userIDs/passwords. As far as the auto posts of comments, WordPress gives you an approval process but unfortunately the Joomla plugin used for your blog does not. So to answer your question, yes their comments would post automatically on your blog.

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