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Three Common Mistakes Businesses Make with their Websites

Is your website making one of these online marketing mistakes?

With the importance of social media and the increasing use of mobile devices, businesses are heavily investing in website improvements to keep up with their competition. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes:

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SSL Enhance SEO?

How SSL Increases Google Website Traffic

Pigeon. Panda. Hummingbird. If these names sound familiar, it’s because they are all a part of Google’s rapid changes to their search engine ranking formula for listing websites. With the near constant Google Algorithm changes it can be a challenge to stay competitive in SEO.

ssl seoBut wait, there’s much more…Google’s recent update to their algorithm includes HTTPS/SSL as a mild positive ranking signal, meaning websites that use HTTPS and SSL’s will have a slight advantage. These websites will be rewarded with better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.

If you are wondering what HTTPS/SSL technology is and how it makes the internet safer, here is a quick description: This technology allows for secure encrypted connections/communications over a computer network and is widely used for shopping cart transactions and other sensitive information transmission. A user on a website that’s using SSL technology is better protected against data transmission thieves spying and stealing your data without your consent. SSL use will help protect your data on open, free wifi connections too. As the largest search engine, Google’s endorsement of HTTPS/SSL technology should expedite this universal transition quicker.

The cost of SSL’s

But as usual, security comes at cost. A website owner is required to pay an annual fee for a registered SSL certificate and there are many levels to choose from. The SSL fees range from $9 to over $400 per year.

Websites who adopt the use of SSL and HTTPS may benefit from an increase in visitor trust, plus a boost in SEO rankings from Google. That means that the SSL adaptation rush is almost a certain thing.

Do you already have an SSL? Is it any good? Test it here: Check your SSL
KO-Websites is a full service web design, SEO and online marketing agency, that also is an authorized reseller of GlobalSign. Contact us for information at 510-276-9902 or use our contact form here.

The Latest Web Browser News

Important Tips for Browsing the Internet Securely

Searching the internet and viewing your favorite websites starts with the internet browser. Two of the most used internet browsers have made the news this week. Continue reading

Start 2014 With a New Website Design

5 Tips for Refreshing Your Business Website

The start of the new year is the perfect time for new beginnings. If you are ready for a new website or updated website design, then let the new year inspire you! If you don’t want to start from scratch, it is still important to take a critical look at your business website. Here are important components to consider: Continue reading

Online Shopping Explodes with Mobile E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce Websites and In-Store Shopping Transforms Buying Experience Together

The Holidays are upon us and that means holiday shopping is underway. With Black Friday doorbuster deals, consumers are looking for the best possible prices on hot-ticket items for the whole family. This year, more consumers are using their mobile devices to help find and purchase those items, without even stepping foot in the physical store. Continue reading

How Much is Too Much for a Website?

How much should a good website design cost?

Don’t ask the US Government!

What should you expect to pay for web design and development?

How much is too much to pay for a website? Does paying a lot for a website guarantee quality work? According to the results of HealthCare.gov, no is clearly the answer.

healthcare-gov-websiteHigh prices usually indicate that you can expect a high quality product. But everyone is buzzing about the skyrocketing costs of the new Healthcare.gov website. Estimates of the cost of the new healthcare website range from $200 million to well over $500 million. Granted, the website technological infrastructure, interfaces and exchanges are complicated by having to connect to other older .Gov websites. This requirement was probably (we suspect) the ball and chain that’s stifling this project. While there is some disagreement on the final bill, it is clear that costs have soared over the initial $93.7 million cap. So the US Government just paid millions for HeathCare.gov – and it doesn’t work. How much should your company pay for a website and how do you avoid cost overruns like this? Continue reading

Content Marketing: Attract and Retain

Content Marketing: Attract and Retain Customers Through Education

Consumers are tuning out traditional forms of marketing. Think about how many people you know (maybe yourself included) who have DVR programming just to ignore the advertising on television. When playing “free” games on a smartphone, you’re accustomed to look for that tiny white ‘x’ as soon as the ad pops up. Some of us even buy the full version of the same application, just to avoid the advertising distractions.

It’s a whole different ballgame when you’re surfing the web and see “Tips and tricks for cleaning hardwood floors” or “10 ways to add value to your home;” articles that actually educate the reader, rather than trying to sell them something.

Welcome to the world of content marketing. Continue reading

How Many Website Launches in 48 Hrs?

Quick Web Design?

KO Websites broke a company records this month. First they launched 5 websites in 48 hours and 2 more in the next 48 hours, for a total of 7 websites in less than a week!

Quick website design? Outsourcing? No, more of a log jam! Some times new clients will get so excited about the look of their new website, they insist on developing new content, taking new photography and things of this nature that were not originally in the development plan. This happened several times in the last few months and some projects were put on hold (by the client) just prior to launch, so other non-delayed projects caught up in the assembly line, and before we knew it, we had a log jam of about 8 websites that were ready (in our eyes) to launch. This week, several of these projects came to an end and were all launched.

bay-area-web-design-7 bay-area-web-design-1 bay-area-web-design-2

bay-area-web-design-3 bay-area-web-design-4 bay-area-web-design-5


Stay tuned, we have another 13 new websites on deck. Yes, we’re having a great time over here at KO Websites. Oh ya, almost forgot…check out our new SEO website at SEOPRO.pro too!

San Francisco Web Design Companies

Why Choose a Local San Francisco, Bay Area Web Design & Marketing Company?

Here are 10 reasons why you should only pick a LOCAL Bay Area web design company:

San Franciso web design Bay Area

  1. Local knowledge of your playing field is super valuable. Just ask the San Francisco Giants or Oakland A’s, and they’ll tell you knowing the idiosyncrasies of their home ballparks is a huge advantage. The inside-the-park home run at AT&T Park last week was proof of that. When it’s time to select a web designer and internet marketing specialist, you need someone who understands the Bay Area culture and who is geographically familiar with the area.
  2. Exceptional Service is a lot more likely when a designer knows that you can show up at any moment for a face to face meeting. I can’t tell you how happy our clients are when they call and we pick up, and when we meet with them at the last minute for a meeting. They always show appreciation that they can talk directly to the graphic designer, the web developer, the SEO and social media marketing specialist and the owner.
  3. Quality of work. The San Francisco Bay Area is packed with tech heads and fine young (and old) artist. In fact, some of the best in the world are here.
  4. Access to help. Web designers and online marketeers have tons of resources at their fingertips here in the Bay Area. If they get in over their head, they probably know someone who can help. If you have special needs for your project, a local team can be partnered up quickly.
  5. Time zones. There are good web designers all over the world, but dealing with time zone issues is a hassle. Even working with East coast web designers and SEO Pro’s is cumbersome.
  6. Shop local and support your neighbors. It amazes me how many companies shop overseas and out of state to save a couple of bucks, but yet where the US flag all over their branding and cry about the 3rd world companies stealing their business. We’ve got to stick together here in the Bay Area. KO gives back to the Bay Area community too.
  7. Keep the crazies off your streets! We employ 8 local people and 3 local contractors. And we fill an otherwise vacant office space in the San Francisco, East Bay. KO Websites is the american machine at work. Help keep it chugging along by shopping local.
  8. Reputation Management. It’s a lot more risky to provide poor service to someone local, than far away. Despite the popularity of social media and online rating websites, the old fashion word-of-mouth is still the most powerful rating tool. The closer to home, the more powerful it is.
  9. Training. You can get hands on training on how to use your new content management systems (CMS) if you need it. Maybe you need training and support on how to use your new shopping cart. A local Bay Area web design firm can provide this for you.
  10. Local referrals you can trust. We mentioned the importance of word-of-mouth, but what if you don’t know anyone who has worked with a web design company lately? A local web design company like KO can give you a list of local names and numbers for you to call and see what the relationship was like (or is still like).

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Award Winning LinkedIn Marketing

Inbound Marketing Service
for your Bay Area Company


KO Websites was able to get four of their clients in the top 10% and 2 in the top 5% at LinkedIn. This means that these accounts had some of the highest traffic to their LinkedIn accounts. Here’s how it was done.

Every smart San Francisco, Bay Area company and firm knows the importance of organic search engine marketing (SEM), also referred to SEO. Most companies are finding out the importance in participating in social media marketing as well. Social media can enhance and support their SEO efforts and also offers other verticals in which to enhance their inbound marketing reach. Continue reading