Digital Media Marketing Jobs Bay Area

Job Title: Digital Media Marketing Specialist (full time, in-house).

We are currently seeking a motivated social media specialist to join our digital marketing team!

Bay Area Digital Marketing Jobs San Francisco
About the company:

KO Websites, Inc. (through our sister brand provides full-service inbound, online digital marketing services for small and large businesses in the Bay Area. Our team is expanding and we are offering several key positions with upward growth opportunities. Please see and www.seopro.PRO for product details.

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Is Your Website Designed for the Latest Google Ranking Algorithm?

Mobile-Friendly Web Design Will be Preferred in Google Search Results

Mobile Responsive Web Design Bay Area

How does your website look on your mobile device?

Effective April 21, 2015, whether or not your company’s website is mobile-friendly will affect your Google search ranking. The announcement by the most dominant search engine in the world challenges companies to take a hard look at their websites. If they don’t want to see a drop in Google search rankings, they’ll need (if not already) to upgrade their website to work well on mobile devices. To that extent, mobile-friendly web design will play an even larger role now in SEO. Continue reading

SSL Enhance SEO?

How SSL Increases Google Website Traffic

Bay Area SSL Website CompanyPigeon. Panda. Hummingbird. If these names sound familiar, it’s because they are all a part of Google’s rapid changes to their search engine ranking formula for listing websites. With the near constant Google Algorithm changes it can be a challenge to stay competitive in SEO. Continue reading

Three Common Mistakes Businesses Make with their Websites

Is your website making one of these online marketing mistakes?

With the importance of social media and the increasing use of mobile devices, businesses are heavily investing in website improvements to keep up with their competition. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes:

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Start Up Web Design

Websites For Start-ups

Weather Tech Fasteners developed a new product that may actually save lives. They developed a new roofing fastener (screw) that is low profile, self leveling, self sealing and lets snow quickly slide off roofs without building up to dangerous depths. This new screw is also great for any bad weather situation when conditions are extremely hazardous.

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Websites for Lawyers & Attorneys

Marketing designed for law firms

A Bay Area Personal injury and accident attorney turned to KO Websites as his full service online marketing experts. Specializing in employment dispute and San Francisco personal injury cases, Attorney Daniel Vega needed an aggressive team working on his behalf, without the huge overhead associated with hiring in-house staff. Enter: KO Websites… Continue reading