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How Many Website Launches in 48 Hrs?

Quick Web Design?

KO Websites broke a company records this month. First they launched 5 websites in 48 hours and 2 more in the next 48 hours, for a total of 7 websites in less than a week!

Quick website design? Outsourcing? No, more of a log jam! Some times new clients will get so excited about the look of their new website, they insist on developing new content, taking new photography and things of this nature that were not originally in the development plan. This happened several times in the last few months and some projects were put on hold (by the client) just prior to launch, so other non-delayed projects caught up in the assembly line, and before we knew it, we had a log jam of about 8 websites that were ready (in our eyes) to launch. This week, several of these projects came to an end and were all launched.

bay-area-web-design-7 bay-area-web-design-1 bay-area-web-design-2

bay-area-web-design-3 bay-area-web-design-4 bay-area-web-design-5


Stay tuned, we have another 13 new websites on deck. Yes, we’re having a great time over here at KO Websites. Oh ya, almost forgot…check out our new SEO website at SEOPRO.pro too!

KO launches 3 new WordPress website

3 new great websites by a San Francisco Bay Area leader in WordPress web design

KO Websites, a San Francisco Bay Area web design company announce the launch of 3 new WordPress websites. Two of the new websites are Responsive web designs and one a non-responsive web design. All three use the WordPress CMS. All three sites are very smart phone friendly, particularly the two responsive web designs that look great on any mobile device, including Ipads and any other tablet. Continue reading

HTML5 Website for Bay Area K-12 School

HTML5 web design

Redwood Christian Schools (RCS) hired local website design and marketing firm, KO Websites, to build a new and improved website that will allow the school to better connect with students, parents, staff, and alumni. The new site can be found at www.RCS.edu. The website is built on a WordPress platform that offers a more user-friendly interface. The website serves several RCS schools and organizations operated by Redwood Christian Schools.

“Basically, we broke the website and content up into three sections,” says Ken O’Donnell, owner of KO Websites. Continue reading

KO Launches another WordPress website

MB Development Gets a new WordPress website

By KO Websites, a Bay Area leader in WordPress  web design,
SEO and Internet Marketing

Bay Area logo designMB Development came to KO Websites with the desire of getting a complete marketing make-over. From a new logo, new website, Mobile website, strong and effective SEO to full service social media marketing. “KO Websites is unique in that we have separate in-house teams dedicated to each of this clients needs.” said Ken, President at KO Websites. Continue reading

KO Launches new WordPress Websites

KO launches new WordPress websites for SIMMS INK, a Hayward, CA tattoo shop.

Simms Ink tattoo shopSimms Ink put KO Websites to the test with this web design project. A complex design we would have just two years ago, used Flash for the coding. But with the impending HTML5 on the horizon, we chose to build it with WordPress, staying within the HTML5 standards. Another reason for using the WordPress application was their easy to use content management system (CMS) and we needed to add an online shopping cart; another good reason to use WordPress.

The first challenge was making all the animation and roll over effects work on the home page without slowing down the website download too much. Next the client wanted custom fonts and minimal text, which always makes SEO a challenge.

Next, we needed a photo album for both the artiest and the tattoo specialist, as well as the shop tour. Then we added a dynamic “Event” page and the shopping cart connected to PayPal.
Continue reading

Award Winning Web Design Company

What Does an ‘Award Winning Web Design Company’ mean anyway?

About 8 years ago, I went to a meeting at a PC keyboard company in Oakland, California for a discussion about KO Websites building a new website for them. The meeting went very well, but was typical, in that there was one person who was trying to trip up the web guy, proving they knew more tech than the web guy did. I was used to this and survived well until the last question was thrown at me…It was, “so how many awards has your company won?” Continue reading

NEW Bay Area web design

New Bay Area web Design

We launched our new website for our Bay Area web design company tonight.

The concept is, to offer four different web marketing service doorways. We want our visitors to get right to the topic their interested in quickly. Continue reading

Website Designs – HTML & WordPress

KO Websites offers top of the line modern clean web design and SEO.  On HTML, and content management systems WordPress, and Joomla. Continue reading

New Bay Area web Designs By KO

Bay Area Web Designs – Summer of 2011

It’s been a busy summer for the KO team. Here are a few of our newest websites launched the last few months: Continue reading

Press Release: KO-Websites Moves…

KO-Websites Moves To New Web Design Studio

Press Release: KO-Websites completes move to new web design studio at 3209 Castro Valley Blvd, Suite #4,  Castro Valley, CA 94546
The new location accommodates the expansion and growth of KO-Websites’ new online marketing team. Continue reading